Nurnet Geoportal

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The Geoportal “Nurnet” is a tool for sharing and management of nuragic and prenuragic cultural heritage of Sardinia. It is accessible via web and it is based on GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technologies and PGIS (Participatory GIS).


Through the portal it is possible:

1 Visualizing the list of elements in the map;

2 consulting the informazion regarding the selected elements;

3 modifying the current information (for confirmed users);

4 adding new elements (nuraghes, menhir, giant’s graves, etc.)

The Geoportal, at the moment in beta version, shows some features that allow the interactive access to the data in the spirit of the participatory GIS: the users (citizens, tourists, associations, organizations) are involved in the information production and management.


The Geoportal was realised by CRS4 during a partnership with the Fondazione Nurnet.



Creative Commons License

Nurnet Geo Database is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.